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Workers of the World, Unite!
No War between the Nations, no Peace between de Classes!

See, for a first orientation on the subject: Proletarian Internationalism  (Wikipedia), to see how “proletarian internationalism” can easily be transformed into nationalism and into the external policy of “nations”; through bourgeois “internationalism”, meaning… war. Words can be twisted easily.


Die Krise der Sozialdemokratie / von Junius [=Rosa Luxemburg], 1916

 Die Krise der Sozialdemokratie / von Junius [=Rosa Luxemburg ]. – Bern : Unionsdruckerei, 1916. – 99 S.

Quelle: Internet Archive , copy Universitäts Bibliothek Bielefeld; für Transkriptionen: marxists.org , und: Stimmen der proletarischen Revolution .

Spartakusbriefe, 1920

 Spartakusbriefe. – Neudruck. – Berlin : Herausgegeben von der Kommunistischen Partei Deutschlands (Spartakusbund), 1920. – 194 S.

Quelle: Archive.org , eine Transkiption: Sozialistische Klassiker 2.0 .

Reden und Aufsätze / Karl Liebknecht, 1921

 Reden und Aufsätze / Karl Liebknecht  ; Herausgeber Julian Gumperz. – Hamburg : Verlag der Kommunistischen Internatinoale, 1921. – 374 S.

Quelle: Internet Archive , copy University Library, University of California, San Diego, from the collection of Prof. Kopel S. Pinson.

Gegen den Strom / Lenin, Sinowjew, 1921

 Gegen der Strom ; Aufsätze aus den Jahren 1914-1916. / N. Lenin, G. Sinowjew ; autorisierte Übersetzung von dr. Frida Rubiner – Hamburg : Verlag der Kommunistischen Internationale, 1921. – 536 S.

Quelle: Internet Archive , copy Library University of Toronto.

The Socialists and the War / William English Walling, 1915

 The Socialists and the War ; A Documentary Statement of the Position of the Socialists of all Countries; with Special Reference to their Peace Policy / Edited by William English Walling . – New York : Henry Holt and Company, 1915. – 512 p.

 Although William English Walling opposed all wars until 1914, he plead in favor of the participation of the United States in the “Great War”, hoping that it would result in a revolution in Germany against the Kaizer, and in Russia against the Tzar. Nevertheless, he resumes a great number of sources on how the question was debated after the Franco-German War of 1870 which resulted in the Paris’ Commune. In 1917, he became an anti-socialist and anti-communist.

Source: Internet Archive , copy University of Toronto.

Klassenkampf im Kriege / GIK (Holland), 1935

 Klassenkampf im Kriege / GIK (Holland), 1935

Related materials

Enquête sur les conditions d’une paix durable, 1917

 Enquête sur les conditions d’une paix durable / Pierre Kropotkine, Gabriel Sáilles, Jean Grave et al. – Paris : Temps nouveaux, [1917]. – 52 p.

Source: Internet Archive , copy University of Toronto.

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